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RV Caravans to Mexico

I work mostly with individual RV'ers and help them plan their trips. But some want to experience an RV tour. There are advantages to each way of travel and it is a personal decision. There are fewer RV caravan companies today than there were ten years ago and Caravanas de Mexico RV Tours S.A. de C.V. is one of the survivors. That means a lot in terms of experience and the quality of their tours. (BTW that S.A. de C.V. is similar to INC. in the USA. It means that this company has filed the paperwork necessary to do business in Mexico and is a corporate entity).

If you are considering taking an RV caravan through Mexico, the caravan company Caravanas de Mexico RV Tours is really quite a good choice. Caravanas de Mexico is operated by Gabriel Romero and what is really impressive is that this is a Mexican company. Sr. Romero is licensed by SECTUR or the Secretary of Tourism department on the Mexican government.

Caravanas de Mexico conducts tours in 5 different languages, including English, French, Spanish. Most importantly, Sr. Romero and his crew know and understand Mexico and are likely to give you a Mexican perspective that might be missing from similar trips run by a fellow gringo. To me, that makes his tours twice as valuable.

So visit Caravanas de Mexico to see what they offer.

Caravanas de Mexico
Gabriel Romero

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