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Explore Mexico with trilingual caravan company

Few RV Caravan companies show you a real Mexico experience. This is the best.

Let's face it. Many RV tour companies are cookie-cutter, focused on the cheapest experience they can give you. Mexico RV Caravans is different. If they have to spend extra money to give you a great experience, they will. For Caravanas de Mexicoit's not all about the money. That's why they have such repeat business. That's why I endorse them

Caravanas de Mexico RV Tours S.A. de C.V. has is one of the survivors. They have RV caravans with guides fluent in English, Spanish and French. Personnel is from Canada, the United States and Mexico.

They offer experience and quality with every tour. (BTW that S.A. de C.V. is similar to INC. in the USA. It means that this company has filed the paperwork necessary to do business in Mexico and is a corporate entity).

Due to the Covid pandemic, no tours are scheduled yet for 2021-2022. Once it is safe to do so, they will get back on the road. Meanwhile, go to their website and write them. Tell them "Mexico" Mike sent you.

See French website.

If you are thinking about an RV caravan through Mexico, Caravanas de Mexico RV Tours is really quite a good choice. Caravanas de Mexico is operated by Gabriel Romero and what is really impressive is that this is a Mexican company. Sr. Romero is licensed by SECTUR or the Secretary of Tourism department on the Mexican government.

Caravanas de Mexico conducts tours in 5 different languages, including English, French, Spanish. Most importantly, Sr. Romero and his crew know and understand Mexico and are likely to give you a Mexican perspective that might be missing from similar trips run by a fellow gringo. To me, that makes his tours twice as valuable.

So visit their English-language website: Mexico RV Caravans to see their current offerings.

They have an extensive training session for those wishing to become caravan leaders. If that appeals to you, contact thme.

Letter From the President

Dear friends and customers:

If the idea of spending the winter in the warm lands of Mexico appeals to you, I cordially invite you to participate in our next RV Caravan.  This caravan will focus upon training new Wagon Masters and updating experienced ones. The caravan will be led by our Canadian partner Paul Beddows. Details of upcoming trips on site.

Gabriel Robero Caravanas

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Keep me in kibbles. Let my human plan your trip.

Customer comment after using one of my trip-plans: With "Mexico" Mike as our partner, we felt safe & enjoyed our trip. He delivered more than promised.

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Independent travelers. Maps and directions make the drive easy.

If you don't need personal planning, look at my mile-by-mile roadlogs. Full of maps, directions, hotels, RV parks, facts.

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Get to know the Mexican people.

A little Spanish will open a world of friendship. Many Mexicans speak English. Please learn some online or in immersion course at the Spanish Institute of Puebla. Don't be an ugly American or Canadian.

Save on Insurance

Mexican vehicle insurance is required. I've been around this block for 30+ years and this is what I buy. Also Travel Health, air evac and expat medical, homeowners.

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Save on hotels

All prices and classes. Sort by pet-friendly, pool, hot tub. Pay on arrival.