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RV Travel Safety

This letter was forwarded by the owner of a Mexican-owned RV caravan company Caravanas de Mexico RV Tours. It is an unsolicited and unbiased report about the safety of traveling Mexico - by someone who is responsible for dozens of lives every trip. The concept is that Mexico is a lot safer than the new stories make it to be. The author points out that not only members of his caravan felt safe, but that even individual RV'ers they met felt safe. Maybe it will help you make up your own mind about traveling.

Caravanas de Mexico RV Tours takes caravans of people who want to really know and enjoy Mexico every year. The Copper Canyon and Yucatan are two of their staples. Please visit their website and let them know I recommended you. They speak French, English, Spanish, German.

Hola Mike,
I am enclosing a very interesting report about the first RV caravan of the season coming from Quebec to Mexico.

Bonjour les amis, J’espère que tout va bien pour vous et que vous êtes contents dans les préparatifs de Noël et Jour de l’An. Voici un rapport très intéressant sur de la première caravane qui est rentrée au Mexique cette saison, le message vient justement du chef de la caravane et cela me fait plaisir de partager l’information avec vous…

Hi Gabriel, Yes, everything went very well in our "Colonial Mexico" Caravane Soleil which began on Nov. 12 and ended on Dec. 8. We traveled over 2,400 kilometers of roads surprisingly beautiful all along our route, it led us through Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Dolores Hidalgo, Santuario de Atotonilco, Queretaro, Tequisquiapan, Bernal, Patzcuaro, Santa Clara del Cobre, Tzintzuntzan, Uruapan, Isla Janitzio, Morelia, Villa Corona, Guadalajara, Manzanillo, Barra de Navidad, Melaque and ended up in Puerto Vallarta where we will stay for the next 3 months!

We had no problems; we have never feared for our safety, everything is perfectly normal on the roads in towns and villages. It seems to me, after operating 13 caravans to Mexico over the last two winters, that all the bad publicity about Mexico is seriously exaggerated by the media to sensationalize or perhaps for reasons of protectionism.

We have not seen even the shadow of all that the media tell to scare the people, this is unacceptable! Of course, where there are drugs there is some kind of violence and Mexico is no exception, but all of that happens among the traffickers themselves, and tourists by road are not at all disturbed with those problems as they are not involved in such trade.

In fact, we felt safer in Mexico than in many major U.S. cities!

And this is the feeling of our customers who have enjoyed their experience in Mexico and on the roads! Like everywhere else in the world, we must avoid placing ourselves in a bad situation and everything will be fine. We use our common sense. Mexicans are always so charming and care giving when we are in need and we enjoy seeing their lifestyle everyday.

We also met several couples traveling by themselves in RV and they told us that they had seen no danger of any kind on the roads of Mexico and some others that went around by the Mexican coast… they also felt safe!

Here in Puerto Vallarta, the RV park is already 80% full even though we are still early in the season. Thank you Gabriel for providing your Tours and Excursions in some cities for Caravanes Soleil, our customers always came back delighted! Hope to meet you again soon!

Sincerely, Serge Loriaux, Directeur Général. Caravanes Soleil… pour le Mexique !!

Gabriel Romero Coordinador General Caravanas de México RV Tours