Huasteca Potosina, San Luis Potosí

The Huasteca Potosina in the state of San Luis Potosí has some of the most varied scenery in Mexico. Within the state of San Luis Potosí, bounded by the towns of Rio Verde to the west, Cd. Valles to the east and Tamazunchale to the south, this area has waterfalls, birding and villages where native languages like Nahuatl, Otomi and Teenek are still spoken daily. There is excellent birding as well. The rivers run clear or torquoise and a relatively unspoiled. The rivers are perfect for stand up paddling or SUP, rafting (both gentle and whitewater), swimming or just observing the waterfalls' majesty from the shore.

The attractions in the Huasteca Potosina are relatively unspoiled and certainly not overrun by hordes of gringos, like in Quintana Roo and Yucatan. To me, this area is almost on par with Chiapas for natural beauty. There are :

  • waterfalls
  • caves, birding
  • sulfur hot spring
  • two small archaeological sites
  • native crafts-makers
  • three indigenous tribes and languages still spoken (Nahuatl [Aztec], Teenek, Otomi
  • unique Day of Dead celebrations

You would guess none of those things by your first glance. This is an area where much is hidden, much is to be learned. It's only a day's drive to the Huasteca from McAllen. But it is at least two worlds away in terms of beauty and wonder.

Waterfalls at Tamasopo

Tamasopo Waterfall

Mulitdrop waterfall Tamasopo


If you are in to Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP), or river rafting, the Huasteca Potosina is a great place to do it. There are all levels of rivers and falls - from mild to whitewater.

One group that does SUP tours and is knowledgeable is Stand Up Paddle Mexico. They are based in Jalcomulco, Veracruz and do stand up paddleboarding trips and rafting trips to other parts of Mexico as well. See an engaging video of theirs here.

The folks at have a most amazing website, with aerial views of the waterfall and rapids around Cd. Valles and the Huasteca region in general. These folks are locally-based in Cd. Valles. They are licensed guides and accredited by SECTUR in emergency medical procedures.

Kayak Huasteca is another paddleboard expedition company based in Cd. Valles. The also do rafting and group tours down the rivers.