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Serious about learning Spanish? Immersion is the way, SIP is the ticket.

Spanish Institute of Puebla internationally recognized leader.

There are many Spanish language schools in Mexico. Most offer rudimentary lessons and a PhD in partying. If you want to really learn how to to speak Spanish the way natives speak it, pass them by and pick a real school like the Spanish Institute of Puebla.

If you want to party, go for it. Just go somewhere else.

SIP is recommended by the US State Department, accredited by universities worldwide and praised highly by National Geographic Traveler magazine in a article about Puebla. You can see a link to the article at the the Spanish Institute of Puebla website. Puebla is considered a very "safe" city, so there should be no worries about enrolling in an immersion Spanish class and living with a family.

I checked this Spanish school out and found the staff to be responsive, intelligent in their responses and to have excellent credentials, among them a stellar BBB rating, Trip Advisor Traveler's Choice awards and recommendations by students of all ages and walks of life. Several nationalities are represented - it's not just a bunch of Americans.

Moreover, I believe their location in Puebla, capitol of the state of Puebla, is in their favor. Puebla is a big city, but hardly a tourist mecca (although I like it a lot - the colonial architecture, history and atmosphere make it worth a visit by anyone interested in Mexico's past). If baroque is your thing, you can indulge it in Puebla.

Readers of my books and visitors to my web site have asked me for years to recommend a school in Mexico where they could go to learn Spanish by immersion, at a reasonable cost. While the imprimatur of "Mexico" Mike might not send so many Spanish school students that they would need to hire extra Spanish language teachers, I have developed a reputation for honesty over the past 40 years.

If a school that offers Spanish immersion is worthy of a UNESCO award for excellence and its credits are recognized by the Foreign Service Institute in Arlington, VA, I guess I can stick my scrawny neck out and recommend the Spanish Institute of Puebla. If you can invest in yourself for four weeks in Mexico, you can change your life. CD Spanish lessons are one thing. Immersion Spanish is worlds apart.

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A little Spanish will open a world of friendship. Many Mexicans speak English. Please learn some online or in immersion course at the Spanish Institute of Puebla. Don't be an ugly American or Canadian.

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