Module Mode Way To Learn Spanish

Learning Spanish At Your Own Pace

I've found this Spanish course to be very good for both beginning and mid-level students.

Ouino Spanish Course

There are now dozens of "learn Spanish" courses on the web. I have tried a few and found that each Spanish course had its strengths and weaknesses. My own personal experience is that the Ouino Spanish Course is the best of the reasonably-priced course. It is better than some of the high-priced, more well-known ones as well.

"Better" is subjective (like the tense). What may be great for me may leave you cold. The folks who put this course together understand that and offer an interactive trial on their website. Not everyone does that. I tried the trial. I liked it. I bought the course for myself.

What I like about OuiniLanguages is that things are taught in modules. Even with all my years in Mexico and Latin America, I still screw up sometimes. I am weak on verb conjugation. This course allows me to concentrate on that to my heart's content. Not all do. The others insist on a more whole-istic approach. That may work better for you. Give Ouino a shot and see if you like it.

Please -- learn some Spanish and remember to smile a lot.