Tall Tales and Cultural Insights Into The Mexican People

Stories  And Articles About Mexico

Some of these Stories Are fictional, Some are factual.  Some are humorous. All (he said modestly) are entertaining

Stories about travel, henequen production, copper canyon, zone of silence, and humor. Mexico is people. All the pretty beaches, majectic mountains, thrilling archological sites that the country has to offer pale in comparison to the beauty and warmth of her people. These stories give you a chance to experience that in a way no fact-driven travel article can, or should.

You might learn more about why you want to go to Mexico by reading these than by all the facts on my site. Take a break from your relentless, planning-driven fact-finding to enjoy some marginally nonfiction stories about Mexico, the Mexican people and both adventures and misadventures on the road in Mexico. Some of these stories are recently written (2009-2011). Most were written in the mid 1990's. Any semblance to actual travel-writing facts (hotels, restaurant, directions, people living or dead) today are tenuous at best. The sentiments and observations about the people and customs of Mexico, as well as the overall feel of certain places are as valid today as they were decades ago.

If you were a "Mexico" Mike fan back then, reading my misadventures in The Monitor, McAllen's daily newspaper, you will enjoy the nostalgia. If you are too young to have been a fan, maybe you will appreciate hearing a voice and style of writing seldom done today. Everybody and his brother has a blog today and this was something of a precursor to that. I did, however, hold onto literary pretences then, so hopefully these pieces are crafted a bit differently.

The Mexico stories and articles here are humorous, sad, entertaining, educational! What else could you ask for? Worried about how to react to your perception of poverty in Mexico? See the story on capitalism.

You'll learn about real Mexican people living real lives here -- from businesspeople to mechanics to capitalists to oddball characters (and I don't mean just "Mexico" Mike).The henequen production article was one of my most popular. Most of these stories are old, like me, but unlike me, are hopefully timeless.

Mexico Stories

Capitalism -- Where the author learns a little about the "real" Mexicans. Seeing beyond poverty and into the soul of Mexico.
Mike Bites the Dust! -- Wrecked in Torreon. Ever wonder what it's like to have a car wreck in Mexico?
Elvis Sighted in Monterrey! The author learns that taste and importing success are far apart.
Huichol Love Story -- Touching. (OK, Mike does have a soft spot besides in his head). 
Barra del Tordo, Tamaulipas -- Little-known getaway. Kemp's Ridley sea turtle nesting area.
Henequen Production in Merida --. Ever wonder what they do with all those cacti in the Yucatan?
Christmas is for giving -- A heartwarming story about Mike's one generous act.
In the Zone! -- The Zone of Silence (Zona del Silencio) in the Chihuahua desert may be the weirdest place on earth.|
The Copper Canyon From the top to the Bottom -- Driving from Creel to Batopilas.
Driving Acros The Sierras From Hidalgo del Parral to Culican on a Very Back, Back Road   by Bill Fitzgerald -- Don't try this at home.