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Can Women Travel Along in Mexico?

Safety Tips For Women Who Travel To Mexico Alone

Is it safe for women to travel alone in Mexico? Yes, but the drawbacks make it, as they say in Mexico, no vale la pena (it is not worth the effort). The biggest threat to a woman's safety in Mexico is the same as the threat to a woman's safety anywhere. In Cancun, Cabo or anywhere there is a 'party-hearty' atmosphere, someone could slip something into your drink. It is just as likely to be an American who did it, but if something happens, Mexico will get blamed. So just watch yourself in clubs - just like you do at home.

When a celebrity gets murdered by her boyfriend in Cancun, is that really Cancun's fault? When a woman leaves a bar with a stranger in New York, Chicago or Des Moines, and gets in trouble is it the fault of those cities? If you use drugs at home, you are unlikely to not use them in Mexico. You are, however, more likely to get into trouble. But whose fault is that?

I know that bad stuff happens. It happens to good people. But you know what, there are 75 murders a day in the USA. There are terrorist bombs in the USA. Innocent people are shot by police in the USA. The point is, stuff happens everywhere. Unless you are planning a vacation in beautiful downtown Cd. Juarez or a border town, it is unlikely you will encounter any trouble.

And if you disagree, but are not willing to listen to reason, please don't send me any hate mail. Keep your hate and negativity to yourself.

What people don't understand is that Mexico is a big country and, like the United States, some places have incidents -- yes bad ones -- but you are as likely to encounter a drug shoot out in Mexico as you are in the USA. Think it doesn't happen here? If you read only about the murders, road rage, home invasions and yes, kidnapping that happens right here in any city, you might be afraid to drive in the USA.

Women traveling alone or together in Mexico can do so without fear -- as long as they use common sense and follow a few simple guidelines. Generally speaking, it is safe for women to travel alone in Mexico. In fact, women's safety in Mexico is not an issue if you use common sense. Whether you are a woman traveling alone in Mexico or two women traveling in Mexico, you probably have less to fear than you would traveling alone in the States. There are some differences for women traveling alone in Mexico, and you should be aware of them.

I am not Pollyannaish. There are safety issues for women traveling alone in Mexico or anywhere in the world. The best way to avoid problems is not to wear revealing clothing away from the beach resorts. Mexico is a conservative country and only "loose" women are supposed to dress that way. Yes, I know that young Mexican girls dress like Britney Spears, but they can get away with it and you can't. Foreign women have a reputation for being "easy," so dress somewhat conservatively. Another thing is that around some of the ruins, Palenque, for instance, there have been incidents of rape. I strongly advise you to not accept any invitations to see the ruins at night and to explore only in the middle of the day or with a friend.

Are you safe taking a bus alone? Yes. Are you safe driving alone? Yes, as long as you use the same suggestions found on the driving pages. Are you safe going into a local cantina? No. Use your head and you will be just fine. Are you safer than in Central America? Maybe. Safety is not guaranteed anywhere in the world. Get drunk at a disco and I can't be responsible. Take a "designated girlfriend to get me out of trouble".

Many travel writers are women, at least the ones who do Mexico books. They generally bop about on their own. These women travel writers encouraged me to let women know that, while there are some real drawbacks to solo travel, it's no different in Mexico than in Europe or the US. Rather than being worried about being molested, they were concerned about being helped to death.

A lone woman is going to get lots of offers of assistance from well-meaning males and solicitous concern from well-meaning women. A woman can allay most wolfish advances with a big hat and loose clothing. Save the alluring stuff for when you're serious about alluring.

Most women team up after awhile, because it's easier to enjoy yourself with someone else there, or just because it's easier on the nerves.

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