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    Alas, not everyone needs me to plan a trip or driving route to Mexico for them.

  • If you have driven in Mexico before, have a good idea of where you want to go my maps & roadlogs will do you fine.
  • If all you want to do is get from point A to Point B, maybe you just need some roadlogs and maps from me.
  • My maps and roadlogs have mileages, drive times (based on real driving, not some computer-generated guess) and features like waterfalls, thermal springs, hotels, RV parks and highway elevations. If maps are all you want, choose them in my shopping cart by area of Mexico.

    If you want more, a customized trip plan focusing on your interests:

    • Fastest, safest way to get there, most scenic way to get there.
    • Gee, I don't know where there is, so help me choose
    • Where are the pet-friendly hotels?
    • Where is there safe parking?
    • Then click / tap the menu above for "Store" and buy away.

    Even a good GPS map won't help you as much as talking to someone who has driven Mexico and knows where to go and where to avoid.

    However, if you would like someone to talk to about what driving routes to take (even if you are just driving Mexico from Point A to B) and general information, I can help. In Mexico, there is seldom only one way to go from A to B. In fact, the driving routes that are the most obvious on maps are not always the ones you want to drive. For instance, I highly recommend avoiding Tampico and taking the obvious highway route down the Gulf Coast. But you would not know why just by looking at a map, even mine. Oh, and driving times? Forget what you see on the Internet. Driving is much different than in the USA.

    Here are a couple of comments below.

    "You deliver more than you promise. We very much appreciate your help.  All of our friends are very negative on this trip so my wife wasn’t very keen.  She’s starting to get excited now though."

    Thanks, Buck Swafford

    "Mike, you have provided encouragement as well as information. Peace of mind as well as great attitude. It is obvious that you care. Dottie and I are having a ball ... Thanks in a large part to you. I will recommend your services to everyone I talk too about this trip." 

    "As to your recommendation on reviewing you trip logs on a daily basis ... We are. And that is working for us. Everything is making more sense." 

    Thanks. Buck (in San Luis Potosí)

    "Today we had an absolutely wonderful ride to Tamazunchale. Rudy was everything you said he was and more Mike! Don't we look like bikers?"

    "Dear Mike,
    How are you? It has been a long time that we didn't write to each other. Everything is fine here but too fast, specially in this Holiday season... it is crazy! But we'll be with our family for 2 weeks and it is going to be fun.
    I managed to do my photo album journal about our wonderful trip in Mexico. Because we are so grateful for everything you did for us, I am sending my word document, be patient it has 86 pages (it is in 3 e-mail)! I did it in French but I am sure you will understand some parts, think in Spanish and you will get it! This trip changed our lives. The 2 days with Rudy were the "climax" of it. He is such a wonderful man. Did you know that we are writing to each other? Viva Internet!
    I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with joy and health.
    I am sending lots of big hugs and take care. What you do is fantastic too!
    Ciao!" - Marie-France

    Driving to Central America?

    If you are driving to Central America (Belize, Guatemala or beyond), you at the very least need my Central America FAQ. That will help you determine if you are a transmigrante or not. If you are one, you have to use a certain crossing and allow a week to get paperwork from the USA. Most folks drive down the Gulf coast, but there are other routes that are easier. See my maps.

    A Few Hours Could Change Your Life

    You may not want to dilly-dally or sightsee Mexico. However, it is possible that a half a day's detour could show you one of the most unique attractions in Mexico, if not the world. And, you could stay in a good-enough, but nondescript Holiday Inn without knowing that a hotel with character might be a few blocks away.

    Experience Life in a Real Nahuatl Village

    My friend Rudy in Tamazunchale will show you nature you would miss if you even stumbled into Tamazunchale. Plus, if you want to meet the real natives of Mexico, he can take you to real villages, not tourist traps.

    Where To Choose?

    You might be like me when I first started driving Mexico and want to see certain things and areas but not others. But how to choose? Guidebooks extol most areas, because most areas are interesting to someone. If you talk to me, I can tell you flat out that some places are just boring, over-hyped and not for you, based on what you tell me.

    If you want to experience the Mexico beyond the tourist traps or expat havens, I can gently guide you to having a better experience.

    See the testimonials of others who have used my trip-planning services.