Flycatcher Inn, Mayan Bed and Breakfast Near Uxmal, Yucatan

Escape from the over-commercialized high-rise hotel trap to find a charming little B&B where you are likely to learn more about the local people and area in a few days stay there and you would from any university course. This boutique hotel is in the village of Santa Elena, Yucatan, about 10 minutes from the archaeological site of Uxmal. The owners are Santiago and and Kristine who settled here after escaping Oregon.

Santiago and the staff speak Mayan as well as Spanish and English is also spoken. These folks can arrange tours of the area's attractions that will be populated by like-minded people and not packs of package tour people.


If you want to explore on your own they will help you to do that too. For example they are only 8 km north of the Ruta Puuc, which includes smaller and lesser known but certainly worthwhile archaeological sites of Kabah, Sayil and Labna. Take your time and explore them. A plus to visiting these lesser-touristed sites is that you will still get to see local fauna.

Visit the Flycatcher Inn website and see for yourself.