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From a few questions to a trip plan, I'll help you as no one else can.

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Driving Maps, Roadlogs And Living In Mexico

"Mexico" Mike Nelson is the authority on driving, living and working in Mexico. "He coaxes visitors onto roads less traveled, to spots less obvious, than the beach resorts" -- The New York Times

Road trip to Mexico? Whether you want the "fastest / safest" routes or are an adventure-seeking driving tourist, you're in the right place. Motorcyclists will appreciate the scenic, winding roads I include as alternate routes for those who don't want to take toll roads.

Is the border crossing you want to use closed? It could happen. Add this site to your phone. It has all border crossing wait times (or border closures) for US-Mexico-Canada.

My guidebooks for drivers have maps, roadlogs and facts to help you discover the Mexico most people miss. Hang out here and take some knowledge away.

Pemex officially reported that all the diesel produced domestically qualifies as ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur) of 15ppm or less. So now you can drive your beloved diesel to Mexico without fear.

I know Mexico has good and bad aspects. You may have heard only negative news. I will give you a balanced perspective.

My writing about Mexico has been published since the 1980's. This site has been online for 22 years. If you just want to know about cheap hotels or "best" beaches, this site is not for you. If you want to know how to drive Mexico, to discover lesser-known Mexico, or her people, welcome. If you think maybe you want to move to Mexico, but aren't sure if living in Mexico is right for you, I'll help you decide. You can ask me questions you can't get answered with authority anywhere else.

Your trip to Mexico will be far more enjoyable if you learn some Spanish. If you combine an immersion Spanish course with living in one of Mexico's least visited treasures, the fascinating city of Puebla, PUE., you will have the best of both worlds. I highly recommend the Spanish Institute of Puebla, as does the US State Dept. and many others. They were the Global Language School of the year 2017-2018.

Most of Mexico is safe to drive. It's all in knowing where to go, based on real-life experiences. When I hear of verified incidents on the highways, I report them. Driving between Palenque and San Cristobal de las Casas(past Agua Azul) is currently inadvisable. Take the toll road SE of Coatzacoalcos to Tuxtla Gutierrez instead. From Tuxtla, take the toll road San Cristobal de las Casas.

Vehicle permits (TIPS) for BIG trucks & vans in jeopardy. New SAT / Banjército regulations disallow permits for non-Motorhome vehicles with a GVWR greater than 7,700 pounds at all crossings. However customers report getting their permits online.

As a tourist to Mexico, you may wonder what you can bring with you. The short answer is anything reasonable. For details, I used to have a link to the Mexico Aduana site, but they kept changing the pages and denying links, so just search for them.

The tons of free info on the site will help you decide whether to take a driving trip to Mexico. The maps and roadlogs in my store will help you find your way. If you want personal trip-planning, you can hire me. Driving in Mexico is different, but safe - with a few caveats.

There are some places even I won't go. I share this with you when you hire me to make a trip plan for you. Each year I drive between 1,400-3,000 miles updating my roadlogs. I drive toll roads, back-roads, visit small villages, seek out waterfalls, hot springs, orchid jungles and archaeological sites, so I can offer them to you in my roadlogs and maps. I want you to drive to see unspoiled Mexico, even if it is just on your drive from Laredo to Cancun. Stop and smell the flowers. Or don't. I can only give you advice on what to see. Explore Mexico by highway. Let me help you plan a trip that is safe, sane and enjoyable. I'll help you plan your road trip. I'll tell you where and why to go there - and where to avoid. My trip-planning service personalizes a driving trip for drivers of cars, RV's, motorcycles, truck campers. I'll help you plan the trip of a lifetime with personal advice, humor, maps and roadlogs.

My guides are eclectic, like me (which is a short step shy of eccentric). They might influence you to really enjoy your trip instead of driving hell-bent for leather. Heck, you might even stop at a romantic hotel I recommend that will make your significant other happy. Let's see Lonely Planet do that! We all know that if Mama (or Daddy) ain't happy, nobody's happy.

I've been around the Mexican insurance business since 1984. I endorse just one Mexico tourist insurance company whose agency owner I know personally.

Don't stress about the safety of driving in Mexico. There are several articles about safety in Mexico in the menus. If you write me to ask about safety, I won't answer you. Yes, most of Mexico is safe. End of story.