Roadtrip Safely in Mexico 2022

Roadtrip Safely In Mexico 2022

Is it safe to drive Mexico? 7 safety tips.

A Mexico driving trip can be a relaxed journey of self-discovery or a stressful white-knuckle trauma. I'll help you embrace the former. Most of this site is about the joys of discovering Mexico by car, motorhome, motorcycle. There are seven tips below on how to stay safe without being uptight or paranoid. I'm here to answer questions and plan driving routes. Most Mexican highways are safe. I'll tell you the few to avoid. Rumors last longer than Twinkies©. I'll give you current facts.

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Mexico Mike

Your Host, "Mexico" Mike

Why trust his advice? Check out his credentials.

Road Rules, my FAQ on driving covers the rules of the road and some dos and don'ts.
Mike Media Bio

  • Ex-Spokesman Mexican Tourism Ministry
  •  Quoted by: CNN, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Guardian, Texas Monthly, USA Today.
  • Author of 16 books on Mexico travel & society,  Wrote the Sanborn's Travelog for 13 years

Mike's Street Cred 

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"Mexico" Mike tells them all
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He's driven every highway, most byways and many goat trails since 1968. That means he can give you perspective and history that newbies don't know. He's driven cars, trucks and RV's so his perspective is universal. A word chef, he peppers his advice with humor. 

7 Mexico Safety Tips 

After a few days you'll feel secure.Until then here are some rules I abide by.

1. Don't drive after dusk. It is unsafe in oh so many ways. Use my roadlogs to plan ahead.

2.Use gas station bathrooms. There is no "P" in highway.

3. Be situationally aware.

4. If you need a nap, park at a gas station or a parador if it has security.    

5. My roadlogs list towns and routes to avoid.

6. Don't camp on a deserted beach. Boondocking is dumbdocking . A balneario or a gas station is better.

7. Faced with driving after dark or stayng at a Motel del Paso (love motel), remember the 60's - Make Love, not Night Drives (even if alone). Pick the one with the most neon.