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Ask "Mexico" Mike Anything About Driving, Expat Living

I'll help you plan a road trip as simple or as meandering as you wish.
If you just want a border dentist, see "Dental" above.

The Yachting Life

Have you ever wanted to sail Mexico? Discover your own private beaches? Here's your chance. Friends of mine are letting their live-aboard yacht go to a good home.


Driving Advice

Driving Mexico is the best way to know the varieties of experiences Mexico has to offer. I'll show you the safest, most interesting routes.


Pros and Cons

There are both good and bad aspects to driving or living in Mexico. I'll give you a balanced perspective.



Nuevo Progreso (TX border) dentists. 

Thousands of Americans and Canadians come to this safe border town every year to save 40-80% on quality dental care. I've vetted two of the best dentists. One is an outstanding general dentist. One is a certified implantologist. 



Auto / RV / Motorcycle insurance is the law in Mexico now. Health insurance for travelers and expats is just plain smart.


Learn Spanish

The Spanish Institute of Puebla is used by the US State Dept & accreditied by universities worldwide. Natl. Geographic recommended them in 2020.

There is also an online course in the menu.

How Can Mike Help You Today?

Plan Your Road Trip

Whether you've never been to Mexico before or if you have but would like to get off the gringo trail, let me help you. I can plan a trip for you that will meet your exact specifications. See what you want, when you want. Or see what you didn't know existed.

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TIPS (Vehicle Permits) & Tourist Cards (Immigration Permits)

You need a permit from Mexican authorities to drive your car, RV, motorcycle to Mexico. You also need a Tourist Card (FMM) from Migración (Immigration) for yourself. View details »

Is Driving Mexico Safe?

Yes - with caveats. You've probably heard more negative stories than positive. I offer a balanced perspective. Some places you should stay away from. There are ten times as many areas of Mexico to safely visit. Heck, there are places in the USA I'd avoid. Here are a few articles on the relative safety of driving or just traveling Mexico. I still drive and wouldn't if I did not think it was safe.

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Adventure Tourism?

Mountain climbing, rock climbing, spelunking, waterfall jumping, standup paddleboarding, kayaking and more. Most areas of Mexico have at least some of these adventures. The Huasteca Potosina has most of them.

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Hot Springs?

You betcha! Mexico has hundreds of hot springs or thermal waters. That's aguas termales in Spanish. Each is beneficial for some medical condition. I have psoriasis and get much relief from different hot springs, especially sulfur springs. My book, Spas & Hot Springs of Mexico, is out of print, but in each of my roadlogs, I point out thermal pools for soaking, often with the mineral composition. I also review spas with thermal waters.Link is to an overview of why you might go to hot springs. Detailed areas in menu.

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Motorcyclists love Mexico. There are rides for all levels and interests. Many ride their bikes to the Copper Canyon, Chihuahua. Or to the Huasteca Potosina down paved but curvy Mexican highway MEX-85. My roadlogs tell you which sections are preferred by bikers. Motorcycle riders often drive to Guatemala, Central and South America. I give you the routes to take.

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