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Enjoy Driving to Mexico

Is driving your car, RV, motorcycle to Mexico realistic? Is it safe? You're here because "Mexico" Mike has a respected reputation and you want to get some perspective. Everybody has an opinion. Facebook's full of them. The Crowd sometimes only sees things one way. I've spent four decades advising people just like you where to go and how to enjoy getting there.


Safe area near Cd. Valles with waterfalls, river rapids, hot springs.

Covid-19 Preparations

Driving offers less exposure to Covid-19 than any flight, no matter how short. Mexico is taking serious steps to limit transmission, including mask requirements, social distancing, hand sanitizer and so on. Be prepared.

How My Site Differs From Others

# Subject Them Me
1 Safety Fear-based. They white-knuckle it to "safe" havens. Experience-based. Mostly Mexico is safe. Where not, I'll tell you. You can enjoy your trip.
2 Maps, roadlogs. Tried & true. A Google map & you're done. I give you detailed roadlogs with history, nature & things to enjoy. It's a trip, not a forced march.
3 Routing Get there as fast as you can. Don't stop Breathe! The trip and destination are one. Learn. Enjoy. We may never pass this way again.

  • Let Mikey Plan Your Trip
  • Save time and money. Enjoy more.

  • Save on insurance
  •     You gotta have Mex. insurance. Get the best. Dependable. Fair prices.

  • Maps / roadlogs

  • Save on hotels

  • Learn Spanish

  • It takes more than a Google map ...

    To plan your perfect trip. See those mountains? (If you can't, maybe you should fly). There's a 5-star spa hidden in them. Do you want to go that way, or follow the RV trail or fastest route. Mikey knows them all. Got COPD? I've got a better route for you.

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    'Mexico' Mike agua azul

    What I can do for you.

    I can answer any question at at all about driving, destinations, safety, where to go, why to go there. There's not a road I have not driven, a destination I don't know (he said modestly).

    Yes, but is it right for you?

    While Mazatlan may be perfect, a paradise on earth, for your Autnt Sally, that doesn't mean it's right for you. I can offer alternatives if you like.

    Travel Documents

    Regardless of your immigation status, you'll need documents for yourself, your pets, your vehicles. These change with time. I'll keep you up-to-date on them.

    Adventure Tourism

    I'll tell you about some of the many adventure tourism sites in Mexico.


    RV Driving Tips

    RV tourists are increasing rapidly in Mexico. For the first time in years, there are new RV parks or refurbished parks that had fallen on hard times. I offer some RV driving tips, RV park reviews and a directory. 

    RV Driving Tips