Internet Access In Mexico

The Internet is everywhere, almost

Gone are the days when finding an Internet connection in Mexico meant trekking down to an Internet Cafe. While there are still Internet cafes around, their numbers are dwindling. Why? More Mexicans can afford Internet in their houses. More hotels of all price ranges offer wireless Internet Inalámbrico (though there are serious drawbacks to it, see this page on Internet Inalámbrico.

Many restaurants, including fast food ones, now offer wireless Internet, just as in the USA. Starbucks naturally has wireless Internet, but so do dozens of others. Thus both Mexicans and tourists can connect wirelessly with their iPad, iPhones, cell phones in general and laptop computers. You can use your laptop / tablet / phone to connect at a coffee shop and make a hotel reservation with the link on most pages of my site and save a bundle on hotel rooms, even the same day. IF the hotel gives you any grief, there is a phone number under the "?" icon for immediate help.

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If your hotel does not have Internet access, it must be cheap and old. I stay at middle-class hotels (around USD$30-45) and always have Internet connections. You can even drive around some cities and snag an Internet connection from local businesses on your cell phone or tablet.

RV parks also offer Internet access, but, because of the distance they have to cover, lots farther away from the office will have a weaker Internet signal, if any at all.

So do not worry about being able to connect in Mexico. Worry instead about whether you should be online or living in the present moment and appreciating Mexico. Ah, but I digress. I personally save my Internet use in Mexico for evenings after a day of enjoying Mexico.

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