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Questions? Mike'll set your mind at ease / make your trip a breeze.

Travel & Medical Insurance - Air Evacuation

Don't be "That guy" or "That gal." You know, the one who pleads tearfully in a GoFundMe video for donations to liberate her hisband/boyfriend from the clutches of a greedy Mexican hospital. Most of us sympathize with her plight, because we could have been there ourselves when we were young and irresponsible. But we aren't now. We insure ourselves at home, we insure our vehicle in Mexico, so why not insure ourselves? Did we become invincible when we crossed the Rio Grande (or in AZ a line in the sand)? If not, read on Macduff.


How to Fill Out The Application Form

it is not aimed at us drivers. You have to put a big fat "0" in the 'trip Coast" or it spits back at ya a quote with luggage loss, trip cacelation and stuff that does not apply to us. There are several gcod companies there with prices ranging from a little over $100 to $2,500 for 6 months. It all depends on what kind of coverage you want. The folks (TravelInsurace.com) behind the ad are legit. They have a AAA+ ./ BBB rating. Say that 3 times fast. They are an aggregator. That means they offer deals from several reputable companies. So buy with confidence. Or just browse. There is "no charge for lookimg." You save a few dollars coming from ny site and I make a few. Win-win.


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