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Travel / Expat / Medical Health Insurance

For years travelers, expats and missionaries have asked me to recommend a dependable, fair-priced health insurance company to insure them while traveling or living in Mexico, Central America or beyond. Adventure travelers want a health insurance plan that covers them surfing, kayaking, mountain climbing or whatever extreme adventure sports they prefer. Now, I can recommend a medical health insurance company I can recommend without reservation.

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Seven Corners Insurance has the highest A.M. Best and BBB ratings. They are underwritten by Lloyd's of London. Seven Corners Insurance has provided international medical insurance since 1993. They also offer coverage in the USA while traveling - good news for our Canadian friends.

There are a few travelers health insurance companies but their rates are outrageous. Further they won't cover those of us over 65. Seven Corners Insurance does! Their health insurance is comprehensive, their rates are reasonable and they cover travelers well beyond 65 years of age.

7 Corners Insurance writes health insurance plans for 1 day to three years. They offer health policies for expats and foreign nationals traveling in the USA, Canada or the world.

Something I really like about them, compared to other travel insurance companies is that their application is simple and straightforward. Other companies require you fill out several pages of health questions and an itinerary. If you are like me, you don't have an itinerary. Their adventure tourist plan, called "Dog-tag" gives you an actual dog-tag to wear. That is your proof of coverage! How cool is that?

Further, Seven Corners Insurance pays the hospital directly. They pay directly to the hospital or clinic and have 300+ providers already in their network. Some hospitals in tourist destinations of Mexico like Cancun demand prepayment of thousands of dollars. No problem. A 7 Corners representative will give the hospital a credit card account for a deposit. No fuss, no muss. If the hospital wants a bank transfer, they will do that too.

Hospital, clinic or specialty providers alredy in their network in Mexico and Central America:

Mexico - 310, Guatemala - 28, Belize - 27 - Honduras - 31, Nicauragua - 15, Costa Rica - 31. Also worldwide.

Air evacuation is included in some plans. Policies can be short-term or yearly.


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Help me feed 5 cats, 2 dogs 1 wife & a bird.

Travel Medical Insurance, Expat Insurance up to Age 75, Medical Air Evac - reasonable price.

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Save on hotels, seriously. Pet-friendly filter. No credit card needed!

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Mexico's full of once-in-a-lifetime photos. Don't miss them because you don't have the right equipment.