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Travel & Medical Insurance - Air Evacuation

Health insurance to travel Mexico isn't required by law, but by common sense.

Don't be "That guy" or "That gal." You know, the one who pleads tearfully in a GoFundMe video for donations to liberate her hisband/boyfriend from the clutches of a greedy Mexican hospital. Most of us sympathize with her plight, because we could have been there ourselves when we were young and irresponsible. But we aren't now. We insure ourselves at home, we insure our vehicle in Mexico, so why not insure ourselves? Did we become invincible when we crossed the Rio Grande (or in AZ a line in the sand)? If not, read on Macduff.

Medical care is not something we think of when we plan a trip to Mexico. We should. We are actually at greater risk of something happening to us when traveling anywhere than at home. We do things we wouldn't at home (zipline, spelunking, reef diving anyone?) We might drink one or two more than we usually do. The cobblestone streets are hell to walk. And so on.

Nobody wants to spend any part of a trip in a hospital. But when we have to, we are glad there are hospitals and doctors available.

If you are tempted to outsmart a bull, check your credentials.

Just to show you experience is no substitue for good sense, let me tell you what happened to me in San Miguel de Allende, GTO. While working for MTV, I fought a real fighting bull alone in a real bullring armed with only a cape and my cunning. It is obvious that I was outmatched. I damn near got gored.

The short version is that when the bull was just about to gore me as I stood stupidly holding the cape behind me trying to perform a Veronica, Fate or God intervened. I tripped on my cape and caught the bull's horns as he ran over where I had been standing.

So I started looking for reasoably-priced insurace after beig hospitalized in Saltillo. Yes medical care is way less expesive in Mexico, but it still costs. he box-ad in the next peragraph needs some 'splaining' (as Ricky in I Love Lucy was fond of saying).

How to Fill Out The Application Form

it is not aimed at us drivers. You have to put a big fat "0" in the 'trip Coast" or it spits back at ya a quote with luggage loss, trip cacelation and stuff that does not apply to us. There are several gcod companies there with prices ranging from a little over $100 to $2,500 for 6 months. It all depends on what kind of coverage you want. The folks ( behind the ad are legit. They have a AAA+ ./ BBB rating. Say that 3 times fast. They are an aggregator. That means they offer deals from several reputable companies. So buy with confidence. Or just browse. There is "no charge for lookimg." You save a few dollars coming from ny site and I make a few. Win-win.

If you bougjht some health iusurance from this site, good for you! If not, may the gods of good health and fortune guide and protect you..