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100 Mexico Area Codes -- Cell Phones

Calling a cell phone and Mexican area codes

My searchable database of Mexican cities, states and area codes will let you search for 327 Mexican area codes (clave lada) by Mexican city, Mexican state or area code number. Just use the "Search" box on the right of the page. Why 327 you ask? My obcessive nature was no match for my aching fingers.

Area codes (lada) in Mexico changed years ago and now all Mexican area codes are 3 digits, except for Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. Below are the clave lada for more than 300 Mexican towns & cities. Phone numbers are 7 digits everywhere except those cities, where the phone number has 8 digits (Mexico City so far, but as cities grow more will adopt this convention). Thus almost all phone number in Mexico are 10 digits, just expressed differently. Got it?

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Click or tap here foe the Mexican city area code locator databae

This will all change Aug. 3, 2019. Calling will be as simple as making a call in the USA. Meanwhile, bear with it.

Calling a cell phone in Mexico

To dial a Mexican cell phone from outside Mexico, add a "1" before the number and after the 011-52 (the prefix for dialing Mexico from the USA). If a Mexican cell phone is 555 (city code) - 555-5555 (number), dial 01152-1-555-555-5555. Mexicans write phone numbers differently. They would write the phone number as 55-5-55-55555. For complete dialing protocols see this page. It will also have a link to Amazon to buy an unlocked cell phone. Trust me - do it.

I hope this list of Mexican area codes and instructions on dialing Mexican cell phones is useful.










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