RV's Can Drive Mexico Safely

RV Driving Safety in Mexico

RV'ing In Mexico Is A Great Experience - But Is It Safe?

RV safety in Mexico versus RV thefts in Canada and the USA. OK, let's be honest.

In 2014 , the number of RV's driving Mexico is expected to increase significantly, at least according to RV park owners I have talked to. There are more caravans going to Mexico than in the previous year. All signs point to a better year. The hysteria about safety is over.

There are new stories daily about violence in the USA. In January, 2014, there was a CNN article about two incidents of road rage on Pennsylvania interstates within eight hours of each other. One man was shot and killed by the rager. Dozens of people commented on the story and many they'd been chased by a stranger on the freeway as well. There are many "road rage" stories on any news source web site. And you want to tell me it's safe to drive in the USA? I don't think so.

In 2013, I did not hear of one verifiable RV encounter with bad people on the road. It is my belief that even though things were not as bad as people thought a few years ago, everything is even better today.

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In all of 2012, there were three verified reports of RV's encountering trouble (theft) in Mexico. That is pretty sad for those involved and I am not making light of their grief. But how many RV's were broken into or stolen in the USA or Canada last year? Stuff happens everywhere. Cartels have better things to do than rob people in RV's. The thieves were just hoodlums.

The following story is left here not to frighten you, but to make you think about what is behind most of the "horror stories" you hear about Mexico. If you have an open mind, you will see what I mean. If you do not, and see only the negative, then you don't belong in Mexico anyway.

2011 started off with a sad story of the shooting death of a missionary woman. She and her missionary husband were driving a big, tricked-out $50,000 Chevy pickup (a prime candidate for theft) back to McAllen from their part-time home in San Fernando, Tamaulipas. That was an awful tragedy yes, but I had driven through San Fernando a few weeks prior in a 2006 Ford Escape with no problems. I send RV'ers past there with no problems. I have driven past San Fernando since. You bypass the town, there is no reason to stop and visit (although I did that so I could honestly report on it). The place has bad Karma with a capital K.

So, when you read the news, please try to get the whole story, not just the sensational generalizations. Those missionaries lived in San Fernando part-time and had made enemies of some bad people there. They were good people. In later interviews, the husband admitted that they had been warned to get out of town and people had tried to steal their truck before. So their profile is unlikely to resemble yours. Go to one of the RV discussion boards to listen to others who have driven in Mexico recently. Those are your peers, not missionaries.

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As an aside, if you are still paranoid about driving through Tamaulipas, visit my store for a road log that completely avoids the state.

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How many RV's were broken into, stolen or otherwise bothered in the USA in that time? I guarantee you it was more than 3. Let's say that I only hear of half the things. Let's say there were 6 incidents. I still say you are safe in Mexico.

Why do we think we are so immune from reality when we travel? Stuff happens everywhere. Don't condemn an entire country or cancel a trip because of some isolated incidents or rumors.

There is a bulletin board for RV'ers that I like. The discussions are lively and often the contributors know what they are talking about. But, just like any board there are some negative Nellies who spread disinformation. After reading my breathless prose, take a gander at this RV forum.

RVhotlineCanada.com said this: The RCMP in BC has created a new section to combat what it calls an epidemic of RV, campers, boat, snowmobile, and all-terrain vehicle thefts.

Uh, are you afraid to drive your RV to Canada? I doubt it.

There are something like 300 shootings a month in the good old USA. The Australian government issued an advisory warning their citizens to think twice about coming to the USA when an Australian university student was shot dead in a small town in Oklahoma.

Oh dear! Don't go to Pennsylvania either: See story.

Oh Gosh! In Myrtle Beach. SC, there is another epidemic: See story.

A string of RV and camper break-ins in Horry County, S.C., has topped 100 incidents and left thousands of dollars in damage in its wake. Now, some businesses in Horry County fear the crimes are too much for local law enforcement to handle, according to WMBF-TV, Myrtle Beach.

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