Mexican Food

From sopa de mariscos to tacos del trompo to cabrito al pastor, Mexico has many great foods.

Typical Mexican foods are typically great. This page is mainly about cabrito al pastor, but gives credit to other good Mexican food. Ask anyone about their trips to Mexico and he will wistfully recall some great meals, from 5 star restaurants serving alta cocina to humble open air cabrito cookrestaurants with limited menus. Whether it is guacamole, mole poblano, tacos, cabrito or the amazing soups of Mexico, we all have our favorite foods of Mexico. Since we can't always be in Mexico, the retailer above can at least provide you with authentic Mexican food products.

Frankly, a good authentic Mexican taco from a street vendor or an open air restaurant specializing in tacos is one of the best foods of Mexico in my opinion. Tacos del trompo and al pastor are the same thing. Very thin slices of meat (pork shoulder usually) are cut from a kids-toy top-shaped cone of small bits of meat, cooking over coals. The meat is marinated in chiles and gets its distinctive red color from achiote. But the meat is not spicey hot, so fear not. This delight was introduced to Mexico by Lebanese immigrants and is similar to shawarma or a kebab.

Several very thing slices of this meat is served on a corn tortilla with chopped onions, cilantro and some sauce served on the side. If they are served on a flour tortilla, they are called gringas. A trompo is the rotisserie the meat is cooked on. Al pastor means "shepherd style." Essentially the same setup is called tacos arabe in central Mexico.

Sopa de mariscos is deceiving. First of all, if you think a soup is merely an appetizer, disabuse yourself of that notion. Secondly, while seafood soup sounds disgusting, this is excellent and very hearty fare. A bowl is a meal. It is almost universally good - providing you like octopus, squid, fish, shrimp, oysters and probably other things that swim. Camarones al mojo de ajo are shrimp in garlic sauce are my other favorite. Mole I can take or leave, but my wife would rather take a good mole and leave me, so I'd best be careful what I saw about that complex dish. She feels about cabrito like I feel about mole. There is no accounting for taste (even if mine is right).

Oh, and if you order a shrimp cocktail, order one for two people. Unlike the dinky shrimp cocktails you are used to, these come in a big beer mug with several shrimp, lots of cocktail sauce, cilantro, avocado, onions and probably some other stuff. One is a meal, not an appetizer for most people.

The next page has cabrito, especially al pastor, which is my absolute favorite food in Mexico.