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Questions? Mike'll set your mind at ease / make your trip a breeze.

Can You Drive A Newer Diesel to Mexico?

Short answer - YES! In 2022, you can find ultra low sulfur diesel in Mexico  . For 2022, most diesel is imported from the USA and is ultra low sulfur diesel.  You'll find UBA diesel (Ultra Baja Azufre) at highway stations. Approach humbly chanting and coughing with your Kashkul (beggar's bowl) as empty as your tank. UBA is not everywhere, but it's much easier to find than last year. You are more likely to find it at international stations (Chevron, Gulf, Exxon, G500 etc.) than Pemex, though you will find it at Pemex stations too. 

So today, you can drive your diesel rig in Mexico. The good news is that the availability of ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) is improving every day.  Fill up at every opportunity. You will have a hard time finding DEF, so bring plenty. Autozone carries it.  

Years of driving Mexico have taught me to "trust but verify." So the rest of this page is devoted to skeptics and probably overkill.


Google Is Your Diesel Buddy

Mexico still doesn't refine enough Ultra Low Sulfer Diesel for you to count on finding ULSD at a Pemex pump. Oil independence is woven into Mexico's national pride and the President supports Pemex. Foreign stations, however, import most of their fuel from the USA. Thus you are likely to find ULSD at Chevron, Gulf, Arco, G500 and other international stations. Try a Google.mx search for their websites. Some will actually tell you if they have the new diesel.  Participate in online BBS's (yeah they still exist and are easier to follow than FaceBook) and FB for tips.

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  • Surprise! PEMEX was less than truthful?

    Pemex promised that USLD would be sold everywhere by 2019. They were overly optimistic. Returning RV'ers told me  said they found ULSD generally in ARCO stations and occasionly other international brand stations. To find them search the Google God for gasolinera ARCO (or other Gulf, Chevron, G500, Texaco, Valero or other brand). Some results will be wacky and not gas stations at all, since ARCO is Spanish for arch and is used a lot. But many independent stations have websites with good information on them. 

    The Gas Jockey is your friend - just like the old days

    Your best bet is to ask the attendant when you pull in if the diesel is Ultra Low Azufre and offer a small propina. If they don't have it, he will know where. Of course there will be signs with "Ultra Baja Azufre," but years of experience have taught me to trust people more than signs in Mexico. You can trust signs in general. But the station may have sold out, so the fallback is to rely on humans. Just like the old days when unleaded gasoline was hard to find, fill up at half a tank and you will save a lot of stress.

    When you pull into a station ask the gas pump attendent (with a 20 peso bill visible) if they truly have ULSD. Say something like Tiene ultra baja azufre diesel And if he says yes, look incredulous and say, No me digas! or Cierto? If he again replies in the affirmative, go for it. The pumps also look different.