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Should You Drive A Diesel Vehicle To Mexico?


Alas, here we are in the 2020's and the short answer is, MAYBE, you can drive your newer drive diesel vehicle safely in Mexico. Pemex promised that USLD would be sold everywhere by 2019. They were overly optimistic. Returning RV'ers on the Pacific Coast said they found ULSD generally in ARCO stations and occasionly other international brand stations. To find them, search Google God for "gasolinera ARCO (or other brand). Some results will be wacky and not gas stations at all, since ARCO is Spanoish for arch and is used a lot.

So, you can stay home and not rish your vehicle's engine. Or you can take a chance and hope you find fuel. Or you can wait awhile and see the paragraph below.


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    Rick B. is an RV'er driving around the Pacific Coast now. He is taking pictures and GPS coordinates for stations with confirmed ULSD. He will send them to me. I will post them on the site.