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My name is Mike. I am a hot springs junkie. I don't want to recover. If you feel the same way, check out these locations. The excellent books Hot Springs & Hot Pools of the Southwest and Hot Springs & Hot Pools of the Northwest, by Marjorie Gersh-Young has them all. You can order it from Marjorie at 831-426-2956 or at

I just read her latest editon for 2011. It is once again a fantastic job of updating. By all means, get this book! If you are just going to northern Baja, she covers the hot springs there and I don't. So get her book and not mine for that. I concentrate on colonial Mexico. Tell her "Mexico" Mike sent you. I don't make any money from this, but am keeping up a friendship, which is more valuable than money in Mikey's world.

If you'd like my book on Mexican hot springs, act fast! It's out of print and I have a few left. Spas & Hot Springs of Mexico sells for $70 on Amazon. I sell it for $25 with shipping. See samples or just ordhot springs booker it from my store.

I'll make a link here for any hot spring in the U.S. Just contact me.

AZ El Dorado Hot Springs, Tonopah, AZ. Run by my old friends and soaking buddies, Camilla Van Sickle, Bill Pennington. Absolutely a life-saver if you are driving from LA to the East on IH-10, forty miles west of Phoenix, or seventy-five miles east of Quartzsite, leave I-10 at Tonopah / Exit 94; go South on 411th Avenue. On the right is a Texaco Star Mart on the Northwest corner of 411th and Indian School Road. Turn right on Indian School Road and go 760 FEET West, 1.5 TENTH of a mile. El Dorado is on the Left (South) side of the road at number 41225. It's surrounded by ever-growing bamboo. 150 feet off the pavement is a small square of stockade fencing.


Truth or Consequences, NM  Riverbend Hot Springs. Ok, maybe I have two favorites! Since the original owners, Serena and Ezy have moved into semi-retirement, their son, Jake, has taken over. He's a really nice guy and continues the tradition of a family-run retreat. (That said, most hot springs devotees know this, but I should point out that clothing is optional in the soaking area).

Riverbend Hot Springs is reasonably-priced. Very nice atmosphere on the river. Very nice. I uncharacteristically waxed poetic about it, so the waters may have some special properties. I said:

This is my first time back here in nine years. When I lived in Las Cruces, I stayed here a couple of times on short getaway trips. It was lovely then, and it is far and away even more lovely now. T or C, and better yet, Riverbend Hot Springs, is the place to get away and relax and rejuvenate. A lot of collective love has been put into this place. There are signs and clues of love, contemplation and joy everywhere I look. The tubs are terrific, the facility is clean, well kept, and peaceful. And, the river's beauty certainly tops it all off to create more delight. Thanks so much!