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How to Get a Residente Temporal (Formerly FM3 Retirement) Visa to Live in Mexico

The band formerly known as FM3 is now a Residente Temporal - No Inmigrante visa. You apply for this  immigration visa at a consulate in the USA or Canada.

You get a temporary travel permit stamp in your passport when approved, but the visa is not issued until you apply at the Migracion office in your new home in Mexico. This is good for only 30 days from the day you cross the border. You must appear at the IMN office wherever you plan to settle.

 I recommend you get your information directly from a Mexican consulate close to you for the most accurate instructions del dia. Despite their name, has continually updated and accurate information on the residency maze for all Mexico. I will get your there with my roadlogs and maps and trip-planning. They will tell you what you need to make the move. Meanwhile, the info below paints the broad strokes.

At the border, do not let the immigration official give you a tourist permit (180 day FMM permit).

If you have applied for, or already have, a validated Residente Temporal or Residente Permanente visa, that invalidates your in-process visa and you'll have to start all over.

The Rules to Qualify for a Resident Visa

I appreciate my loyal readers who contribute to the general knowledge here. Thanks to Jose G., Greg G., Dennis J.

First, a caveat. Rules change. Overnight. These have been in place for over a year and are a good place to start. But check with a Mexican consulate for the current requirements. The dollar amount on income frequently changes.

Status Monthly Income(USD) Investments Property
Single $1,400 (5,000 days MX Min. Salary) $100K $200K
Couple $2,000 (5,100 days MX Min. Salary) $100K $200K
Proof 6 Months - Documents 6 Months - Statements Appraised Value

Singles need a valid passport. Couples need passports and a marriage certificate. Everybody needs at least one passport photo (varies). Marriage certificates must be apostilled in the country where issued. It is similar to, but different than notarized. You'll find peole who specialize in this for a small fee. Canada uses a different system whereby they notarize legal documents and that is accepted by the Mexican authorities.

If you own property in Mexico, the income requirement is halved. The actual dollar figure varies according to whether the officials use the Minimum Wage or Minimum Salary, which is less.

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