Reviews of Mexican Auto, RV, Motorhome, Motorcycle Insurance Companies

Mexico insurance companies compared

Mexico requires auto, RV, motorcycle insurance. Liability Limits are higher than years ago. You can get a ticket for not having vehicle insurance.

Two Excellent Insurance Companies

Both are excellent or they wouldn't be here. Each has different rates and policy specialties.

I receive an advertising fee from these companies, but have turned down others because I did not feel they were reliable. It's not all about money. It's about integrity. Both companies can insure motorcycles, RV’s, ATV’s.

Mexico Insurance Services offers different types of policies - multiple vehicles, limited territory etc. Recommended especially if you are driving Baja, or have more than one vehicle driven by the same driver. Based in CA, USA. Roadside Assistance now included with every policy at no extra charge. Help desk now based in USA.

Novamar Insurance offers superior claims-handling and great rates. They represent Quálitas, a respected Mexican insurer (as are all these companies). They are based in Mexico - Pto. Vallarta. So you can talk to an English-speaking agent in Mexico, which should insure good customer service. Like the others, they use Mexican insurance adjusters, but their presence in Mexico assures quicker response to you if you are unhappy with the claims service. They offer limited territory coverage as does Mexico Insurance Services. They also offer towed vehicle coverage and (for a fee) rental car if your vehicle is damaged.

They can also offer “territory extension to the US” so the insured vehicle, even if it is US plated, can have coverage with our policies back in the US, against damages and theft. The only thing is that it does not include liability. We can also do motorcycles, RV’s, ATV’s, anything. And they can insure the contents of the vehicle if it is a person moving to Mexico with all their belongings. Plus they can do full coverage through HDI for vehicles as old as 1993.

They can now offer coverage for Mexican-plated vehicles. So if you are an expat with a Mexican vehicle, you can get coverage from the same company you used as a tourist.

Why Do You Need Insurance to Drive to Mexico?

It would be foolish not to buy auto, RV or motorcycle insurance from a US agent for a Mexican company before you leave. I hope my reviews of dependable Mexican auto insurance companies will help you decide where to get your Mexico auto, motorhome, RV or motorcycle insurance.

Trustworthy vehicle insurance for your drive to Mexico is priceless. Peace of mind is the most important piece of luggage to pack. These insurance agents represent first-class Mexico auto, RV, motorcycle and motorhome insurance companies. I know the owners of these agencies. Price is not the only factor to consider when buying insurance for driving to Mexico. I have used these companies, and others.

I was young and foolish (and cheap) once. I drove all through Mexico and much of Central America without insurance. I had an accident 300 miles from the border on the return trip. I do not recommend that kind of adventure to anyone. Please, get insurance.

Don't Get The Banjercito-offered Insurance Online

Banjercito offers an insurance policy if you get an online permit - but don't do it. Get a policy from a USA agent, even if it is not one I recommend. The coverage is not great, the rates are high, your vehicle can only be fixed in Mexico and you can only get 180 days of coverage. An annual auto, car or RV insurance policy is a much better deal.

Higher Liability Limits Than Before

Much higher insurance liability limits are required in Mexico than a few years ago. The upper limit varies according to the state, but USD$300,000 is considered the lowest "safe" coverage these days, though some agents sell less. The potential liability in Yucatan and Coahuila is the highest at USD$544,000. Here's the deal.

Article 502 of the Labor Law states: "In case of death, the compensation due to persons shall be the amount equal to the amount of “Five thousand {5000} days of The General Minimum Wage or the highest Professional Minimum Wage, plus funeral expenses." [The old law was 730 days of the daily wage or about USD$47,000 per death]. This makes USD$300,000 a prudent minimum coverage and $500,000 is not excessive.

Both These Companies Offer These Higher Limits

Mexico Insurance Services offers different types of policies - multiple vehicles, limited territory etc.

Novamar Insurance offers excellent claims-handling because they are based in Pto. Vallarta, Mexico.

WARNINGS: Here are some tips to prevent unfortunate hangups in your coverage / claims.

1. Make photocopies of ALL your documents, including your car permit. Don't leave it in the vehicle. If the vehicle is stolen, you will have to prove to the insurance company that the vehicle permit was canceled. It is very difficult to cancel your vehicle permit if you don't have the paperwork!

Without the paperwork, you'll have to pay a 40% import tax to add insult to injury.

2. Caveat: No matter what insurance company you choose, your auto insurance will be NULL and VOID if your tourist permit or visa or vehicle permit has expired.

3. Some policies include it, but if yours does not, please get "legal assistance" in case there are ancillary damages from an accident that might not be considered part of your auto policy. That is rare, but it is better to be prepared.

Be Aware When You Compare

I won't say negative things about other Mexican insurance companies, but the most expensive ones aren't worth what they charge. The cheapest ones are cheap in all senses of the word. Policies that cover you in only one area of Mexico, like Baja, are legitimately less expensive than all-country policies. If Baja is the only place you are driving, Mexico Insurance Services is the one for you. If you're driving anywhere else in Mexico, either will be a good choice.

Cheap insurance will generally have a $50,000 or $100,000 liability limit. That was good enough in the 1990's, but not in the 21st century. If you hit a vehicle worth $30,000, $40,000 or $50,000, that does not leave much room for coverage, does it? Make sure you are comparing apples to apples when you compare Mexican insurance policies. You want either at least USD$150,000 CSL or USD$300,000 CSL to be safe and higher is not a bad idea. Do not wimp out on your insurance premium. Save money somewhere else. Actually, the premiums didn't go up all that much from the older, lower limit policies.