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From a question to a trip plan, I'll help you as no one else can.

Romantic getaway or bucket list. Find both in a waterfall's mist.

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Planning a Trip to Mexico?

Let Mikey Show You The Way

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Do you have questions about driving in Mexico - or taking the trip of a lifetime, even if you aren't driving? I've got answers.

Lots of people hire me, not so much as to tell them where to go, but to ask for advice about traveling and moving to Mexico in general. Being able to talk to someone who's been around the block a few times will set your mind at ease and perhaps reassure a spouse who's hesitant.

Heck, these days, you could even drive through Mexico without a map. It's all a question of how much your time is worth to you and how well you tolerate aggravation. Talking to someone who has been there will save you both.

We can talk on the phone or via email to determine what you want to see, how adventurous you are and what you want to avoid. I've been pretty much everywhere more than once. I can give you honest advice about whether somewhere lives up to its hype.

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For a lot of people, the personal touch of being able to ask specific questions and get answers that relate to your individual interests is worth a few dollars. Sure, a couple of hundred (or more) dollars sounds like a lot to talk to a fellow. If I was about to change my life, I'd consider it cheap insurance or an investment.