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Do you have questions About Living or Driving In Mexico? I've got answers

* Moving to Mexico?
* Traveling to Mexico by motorcycle, car or RV?

To be honest, many of your questions about living in Mexico can be answered in my book, Live Better South of the Border Live Better South of the Border (though it is old and the specifics like permits are no longer applicable) or on this web site. You can drive through Mexico with just my maps and road logs.

Heck, you could even drive through Mexico without a map. It's all a question of how much your time is worth to you and how well you tolerate aggravation. Believe me, talking to someone who has been there will save you both - if you are taking a driving trip or moving to Mexico.

If you are thinking of asking me to help you, please read this caveat. I only work with a few people and within certain limitations. Full disclosure - I no longer live in Mexico. My wife is unable to travel or walk much. We also have a cockatoo, which presents a big challenge in moving to Mexico - or ever coming back. It's not impossible, but not something we want to do. We met becasue she wanted to move to Mexico and found my books at a library in New Jersey. She wanted to know how to do it with her birds. We used to travel Mexico together but those days are gone. I've been flamed by mean people because I don't live in Mexico. I have and now choose not to. My love of a woman trumped my love of Mexico. I still spend about 3 months a year in Mexico.

I don't do a lot of "living in Mexico" consulting anymore. There are too many blogs and websites with the details. I am more interested in adventure travel than telling 1%'ers how to move to Merida or Cancun. I don't keep up on the requirements to get a temporal or permanente visa (the FM3 is long gone). You have to make a lot more money than I do to get one of those visas.

I can give you an unvarnished view of moving to Mexico. Is it even for you? What kind of expat moves where? What are the drawbackes to living in Mexico? If you want a braod picture, I can help you paint it. If you want mundane things like the requirements for permits, how to hire a moving company and the like, you'll find your info elsewhere.

For a lot of people, the personal touch of being able to ask specific questions and get answers that relate to your individual interests is worth a few dollars. Sure, a couple of hundred (or more) dollars sounds like a lot to talk to a fellow. If I was about to change my life, I'd consider it cheap insurance or an investment.

Please respect my time and worth. Although the measure of a man is more in how he has helped than how much money he has accumulated, I seem to be long on the former and short on the latter. As I near the age where most folks are counting their 401-K's, I'm hoping Social Security will still be around for me. So, I have stopped giving it away for free and turned professional, if you will. I make a living with my knowledge.

What You Get

If moving to Mexico is on your mind, I will talk to you on the phone and via email to help you decide if you should even move there.

  • First of all. Mexico is not for everyone.
  • If you are not sure where you want to move to, I can help you narrow down your choices. Each city or town is unique and some may suit you better than others.
  • If you are moving to Mexico to save money, we can talk seriously about that. You may save money living in Mexico - or you may not. Things are not what they appear.
  • Write me if you want details like my fee.

    You can talk to me as often as you need, so don't stress about having all your ducks in a row to get started. Don't sweat the small stuff. I really should add a caveat to that, though. One fellow called me after four years for some follow-up. I helped him, but think that was a bit much. Besides my memory is not that good. So you get unlimited calls and emails for a year.