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Plan a roadtrip to Mexico - Today!

I've been running the roads of Mexico since the 1960s. I've helped hundreds of travelers and tourists plan roadtrips to Mexico and Guatemala. Let me help you plan the roadtrip of a lifetime or just a driving trip to get you from point A to point B without a lot of fuss. Easy-Peasy R ME.

You can zip through Mexico with a map and an app but why?

Don't cheat yourself. Mike'll help you enjoy the trip.

My maps and roadlogs have mileages, drive times, features like waterfalls, thermal springs, hotels, RV parks and highway elevations. They'll make your trip to Mexico as interesting as you want it to be. Just go to the shopping cart above.

If you want more, a customized trip plan focusing on your interests:

  • Fastest, safest way to get there, most scenic way to get there.
  • BUT, if you're like me and think, Gee, I don't know where there is until I get there, you're a candiatate for my help in planning your trip.
  • Where are the pet-friendly hotels?
  • What hotels have safe parking?
  • Then click / tap here or in the menu for "Mike's Store" and buy away.
  • With "Mexico" Mike as our partner, we felt safe & enjoyed our trip. He delivered more than promised.

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San Miguel de Allende Cathedral
Dancers at Eyipantla Flass, Veracruz


Plan a Roadtrip to Mexico - Today!

Just get me there the fastest, safest way.

Most people who ask me to plan a trip for them are not seeking scenic routes. They want the straight-line, "safest" route to the home or condo they've bought. Since straight lines in Mexico are deceptive and "safest" varies from week to week, they consider it worthwhile to pay me to guide them.

Show me the scenic wonders of Mexico.

Driving Mexico's scenic routes can be a most rewarding experience - the trip of a lifetime. There are so many choices that it's overwhelming to plan a scenic driving roadtrip to Mexico. That's where I come in. Tell me what interests you (and what doesn't). Waterfalls? Hot Springs? Mountains? Culture? Food? Archeology? Birding? Based on my extensive knowledge of mainland Mexico, I can narrow things down to a manageable number of choices for you. Read my bio to see why I have such a good reputation for knowing Mexico.

Worth it.

Either way, for the cost of a decent night's hotel room, I can guide you the best way to achieve your personal goal. Click or tap here.

Even a good GPS map won't help you as much as talking to someone who has driven Mexico and knows where to go and where to avoid.

However, if you would like someone to talk to about what driving routes to take (even if you are just driving Mexico from Point A to B) and general information, I can help. In Mexico, there is seldom only one way to go from A to B. In fact, the driving routes that are the most obvious on maps are not always the ones you want to drive. For instance, I highly recommend avoiding Tampico and taking the obvious highway route down the Gulf Coast. But you would not know why just by looking at a map, even mine. Oh, and driving times? Forget what you see on the Internet. Driving is much different than in the USA.