Mexico RV and Trailer Parks Directory

Some Trailer Parks Throughout Mexico

RV parks or campgrounds in Mexico come and go. In the 28 years I've written about Mexican RV campgrounds, I've been impressed with the resiliency of the RV campground owners. The Pacific Coast of Mexico, Baja have more RV parks than any other part of the country. This is not, nor is it intended to be, a comprehensive list of Mexican Trailer or RV parks. It is to give you an idea of what to expect of RV parks in Mexico.

Except for RV caravans, there are not that many RV 'ers or people pulling trailers. In the old days, when the Mexican highways were not always in good shape, there were more people driving their RV's and pulling trailers. Today, with the nice toll roads and the free roads that are in better shape than they used to be, there are fewer. Sure it costs for an RV or trailer to use the Mexican toll roads, but those who do say it is worth it.

I will help promote a few Mexican RV campgrounds as I hear about them. The final word on RV parks is Mike and Terri Church's book, The Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping sold here. Alas, the Church's guide is getting kind of long in the tooth, so use it with a grain of salt.

San Juan del Lago RV Resort on Lake Cuitzeo in the state of Michoacán is the newest edition to RV parks in Mexico. I was impressed by the philosophy of the owners. Please take a look at what they offer in central colonial Mexico near Morelia, Michoacán.

Troncones RV Park in Guerrero, north of Ixtapa, GPS coordinates: 17°46'37.7"N 101°43'04.5"W is open. It is not a mega-park, with only 3 spacious sites, so there is plenty of tranquility. New owners took over in 2015. Despite their questionable literary taste (they are, or used to be, fans of mine), they are probably very nice people. Troncones has more to offer than a beach, including lagoons with crocodiles and hundreds of species of birds. The ocean offers up sea turtles and whales.

Koala Bungalows and RV Park in Santa Maria del Oro, Nayarit is a marvelous place with friendly staff. Not only does it have RV and trailer camping, but tent camping is welcome. There are also inexpensive (but very nice) bungalows for non-RV'ers.

Oaxaca - Both San Felipe del Agua Campground and Oaxaca Trailer Park are now closed. However, the new Oaxaca Campground is alive and well and waiting for you.

Roca Azul RV Park in Jocotepec on Lake Chapala near Ajijic and Chapala is a very nice RV park with cabins. Longitude (dec): -103.424167 - Latitude (dec): 20.266667. Roca Azul has agua termal (hot springs water) in one of the pools.

Campeche RV Park (truly handicapped accessible)- Isla Aguada, Campeche

El Rey, Anton Lizardo, Veracruz

Acamaya Reef, Pto. Morelos, Q. Roo

Coconutz RV Park - Cuyutlan, Colima - Far from the madding crowd.

Chimulco RV Park - Acatlan, Jalisco - Well-liked park with mineral water pool (balneario).